What is the proper procedure for changing the internal 6v batteries on an FL900 logger?

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Published Date 03/13/2018
What is the proper procedure for changing the internal 6v batteries on an FL900 logger?
Changing the internal 6v batteries on the FL900 logger.
  1. The batteries are located in a compartment at the bottom of the FL900.   The compartment holds four 6V lantern batteries.  We recommend Energizer E529 batteries.
  2. Removing the batteries will shut down the FL900 logger.
  3. OPENING THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT: To open the battery compartment, a tool is helpful.  Use a J-hook, 0.5” rebar or something similar that fits into the grooves on the battery compartment cap.  Hold the tool on the ground, put the grooves of the compartment cap onto the tool and unscrew the lid (counter-clockwise).
  4. Turn the logger upside down.
  5. Remove the batteries.
  6. Install 4 new batteries.  Make sure to remove the caps from the battery electrodes.  The compartment is designed so that the battery electrodes will contact the 2 FL900 electrodes no matter which direction they are rotated.  NOTE: The logger will work even with 2 batteries, but they must both be on the “A” side or both on the “B”.
  7. We recommend changing the desiccant when changing the batteries.  See What is the proper procedure to change the desiccant on the FL900 logger?
  8. We recommend cleaning and greasing the O-ring every time the compartment is opened.  This will keep the battery compartment water tight.  See What is the proper procedure for performing maintenance on the battery compartment O-ring for the FL900 logger?
  9. Screw the cap back on the battery compartment.  Screw it on tight enough, but not so tight that it pinches the O-ring.
  10. Once the new batteries are installed, the FL900 logger will start to reboot.  This takes about 3-4 minutes.

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