When does the 5500sc analyzer compressor turn on and off?

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Published Date 01/06/2022
When does the 5500sc analyzer compressor turn on and off?
5500sc analyzer compressor operation.
  • The reagent air pressure is regulated at 4.00 psi (3.95 to 4.10 psi).
  • The air compressor will not come on until the pressure drops below 3.95 psi.
  • The compressor will turn off when greater than 3.95 psi but there will be an overshoot so there is a delay of ~1 second to let the pressure stabilize before deciding to turn the compressor on again or turn the pressure relief valve on if over 4.10 psi or 3; if the pressure is between 3.95 to 4.10 no changes occur. 
  • The air compressor or relief valve (which has an air restriction to slow the air flow down) does not operate when delivering reagents so that the pressure is stable, but when the standards are flowing the pump can come on due to the larger volume of solution that's delivered.
  • Even if the pressure is somewhere between 3.95 to 4.10 psi, the current measured psi value is used in the equation to calculate the reagent delivery time.

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