How should sample containers be prepared for microbiological testing?

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Published Date 07/27/2022
How should sample containers be prepared for microbiological testing?
Microbiology sample container preparation
To collect samples, use any of the following: sterilized plastic bags, sterilized disposable bottles, autoclavable glass or plastic bottles. Presterilized plastic bags and bottles are available with or without dechlorinating reagent. Dechlorinating reagent should be used with potable or chlorinated water samples and can optionally be used with unchlorinated samples. Glass or plastic bottles may be used instead of sterilized bags or disposable bottles if they are prepared as follows:
**Wash in hot water and detergent.
**Thoroughly rinse with hot tap water, followed by a distilled water rinse to remove all detergent. If dechlorinating reagent is needed, add the contents of one Dechlorinating Reagent Powder Pillow for each 125-mL of container volume.
**Steam sterilize glass and autoclavable plastic containers at 121 deg C (250 deg F) for 15 minutes. Glass sample containers may be sterilized by hot air at 170 deg C (338 deg F) for one hour. **Store sterile containers, tightly capped, in a clean environment until needed.

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