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Published Date 07/25/2022
CL17 Resource Library
The CL17 Resource Library provides information on the CL17 Chlorine Analyzer from Hach.
Product Information

Welcome to the resource library for the CL17 Chlorine analyzers.  You can click on links to view additional articles on specific topics or to find resources below.

CL17 Frequently Asked Questions Library

View answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CL17.

Click here for CL17 Data sheets

User Manuals
Click here for the most recent revision of the CL17 User Manual

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Click here to search for Safety Data Sheets for CL17 reagents.  
      Free Chlorine: Kit 2556900
      Total Chlorine: Kit 2557000

Application Notes
Click here for application notes for the CL17

Installation and Operation Guides
Click here for the CL17 Calibration and Verification Instruction Sheet

For Engineers:

CSI Specifications
Click here for CL17 CSI Specifications

How to order guide
Click here for information on selecting the correct CL17

Transmittal Drawings
Click here for CL17 transmittal drawings

Tender Text
Click here for CL17 Tender Text documents

Next Steps
Click here to be contacted by a member of our Sales Team


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