SL1000 Methods

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Published Date 08/23/2018
SL1000 Methods
Use the links below to download each of the Chemkey methods for use with the SL1000
Parameter Method Download
Alkalinity HR 10283 DOC316.53.01513
Alkalinity LR 10280 DOC316.53.01510
Free Ammonia 10269 DOC316.53.01502
Total Ammonia 10268 DOC316.53.01501
Free Chlorine 10260 DOC316.53.01498
Total Chlorine 10260 DOC316.53.01497
Copper 10272 DOC316.53.01503
Hardness LR 10284 DOC316.53.01514
Hardness HR 10285 DOC316.53.01522
Monochloramine 10270 DOC316.53.01500
Nitrite 10271 DOC316.53.01499
Phosphate HR 10282 DOC316.53.01512
Phosphate LR 10279 DOC316.53.01509
Iron, Dissolved 10281 DOC316.53.01511
FA/Mono combined 10262 DOC316.53.01521

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