What is the factor to convert from PO4 to PO4-P?

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Published Date 08/23/2018
What is the factor to convert from PO4 to PO4-P?
Converting from PO4-P to PO4
To convert from units of orthophosphate (PO43-) to phosphorus (PO4-P), multiply the value by 0.3261. To convert from phosphorus (PO4-P) to orthophosphate (PO43-) divide the value by 0.3261.

Many Hach spectophotometers and colorimeters give the option to change the chemical form of the reported value. This number is a ratio of the atomic masses of the elements in the chemical form. This calculation does not change the concentration of phosphorus in the sample, it only changes the value in relation to the units it is expressed in.

For example:
Changing a height from 6 feet to 72 inches, or to 183 cm, doesn’t change the actual height, it only changes the units in which it is reported. They are all mathematically equivalent.

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