Are there step by step written instructions for doing a calibration on the TSS Portable?

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Published Date 01/04/2022
Are there step by step written instructions for doing a calibration on the TSS Portable?
TSS portable calibration.

These are the steps for calibrating the TSS Portable Hand-held Turbidity, Suspended Solids, and Sludge Level System Product # LXV322.99.00002. There is also a video with instructions available for further help with the TSS Portable Suspended Solids Calibration.

1. Starting from the menu. First highlight calibration and press enter.


2. Next in the calibration menu, highlight Curve XXX  and press enter to select the curve that will be calibrated.

>Curve C-DS2
  Point 1

3. Select which Curve from the list that is going to be calibrated. Note, this should be one of the C-DSx curves, in this example the curve is being changed from C-DS2 to C-DS1.

^ C-DS1
v C-DS3

4. It will then return to the Calibration menu. Highlight Memory and press enter.

  Curve C-DS1

5. After Memory is selected submerge the probe in the homogenous Sample that will be the Point 1 for the calibration.

6. Once the probe is submerged in the sample that will be Point 1 of this calibration curve, select point 1 from the Memory menu by higlighting and pressing enter.

>Point 1
  Point 2
  Point 3

7. You will be told to wait while the reading is taking place.


8. Once the reading is taken it will go back to the calibration menu. Point 1 will now have an asterisk (*) next to it indicating that the meter has a memory of that point, but doesn't have the TSS concentration for that point yet. Then have a gravimetric analysis done on this sample to get the TSS for it in mg/L.

  Curve C-DS1
>*Point 1

9. Select Point 1 and enter the results of the graimetric analysis of the sample that was used for Point 1. For this example, 50 mg/L will be used.

Point 1
  50 mg/L

10. Once the value is entered press Enter. This will go back to the main screen which will display "Points saved" scrolling across the top. If only a single point calibration is being performed then the calibration is now complete.

11. For additional points repeat steps 4-10 for Point 2, then Point 3, ect.


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