How do you configure the analog outputs on sc1000 controller?

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Published Date 06/26/2018
How do you configure the analog outputs on sc1000 controller?
sc1000 controller and analog output configuration.
The following are the basic steps for configuring one of the 4-20 mA outputs on an SC1000 controller internal card for a linear response to the measurement from the connected sensor:
  1. Using the touch screen display access the menu on the SC1000
  2. Select the SYSTEM SETUP or SC1000 SETUP Menu and press enter (check mark)
    • The order of menu items described below may differ depending on firmware revision
  3. Select the OUTPUT SETUP menu and press enter
  4. If multiple cards are installed, select the appropriate card by name or serial number and press enter
  5. Select the appropriate output (1-4) that corresponds to the terminals that have the wiring connected and press enter (refer to SC1000 controller user manual for wiring instructions)SELECT SOURCE:  Select the connected sensor that the analog output will represent
    SET PARAMETER:  Select the measured value (example: pH or Temp) from the sensor that this analog output will represent
    DATA VIEW:  Choose from “Input Value” which displays the sensor measured value or “Current” which displays the calculated analog output value
    SET TRANSFER:  enter the substitute output value desired if/when a warning/error occurs or when output mode is selected to “Transfer” (contingent upon additional controller configuration settings)
    SET FILTER:  Signal averaging setting (entered in seconds)
    MAXIMUM:  20mA
    SCALE 0/4 mA:  Choose between 0-20mA or 4-20mA output
    SET LOW VALUE:  enter the measured value equivalent to the 0/4mA signal
    SET HIGH VALUE:  enter the measured value equivalent to the 20mA signal
    ON ERROR MODE:  HOLD – last measured value continues to be output, or SET TRANSFER – analog output changes to “SET TRANSFER” setting configured above
    CURRENT:  Not configured – see the SC1000 user manual
    LOG INTERVAL:  choose from OFF, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 minutes
  6. The output is now configured, return to the main measurement screen and verify that the output has been wired correctly (refer to the SC1000 Controller user manual section “Analog Output Connections” for wiring instructions). 
Additional Details:   Refer to the article for “Calibrating an analog output on an SC1000” for additional information if the controller and PLC or SCADA still do not match.

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