What is the APA6000 analyzer autoburette lubrication procedure?

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Published Date 03/06/2019
What is the APA6000 analyzer autoburette lubrication procedure?
Instructions for APA6000 autoburette lubrication (monthly lubrication is required).
The APA6000 autoburette lead screw must be lubricated periodically to prevent excess wear and premature motor failure.  Monthly lubrication must be performedwith Hach-specified grease only – per the following instructions.  Refer to the APA6000 Process Analyzer Instruction and Maintenance Manual for additional maintenance requirements. 
1.  Open the APA6000 enclosure and observe the movement of the autoburette piston.  Turn OFF the analyzer power switch when the piston is at its fully retracted position. 

Piston fully retracted
2.  Remove the front panel retaining screws (from the upper left- and right-hand corners of the panel).  Pull forward at the top of the panel and lower it to the horizontal position. 

3.  Locate the autoburette lead screw; you will see this protruding approximately 2” (5 cm) from the back of the autoburette module.  Apply a thin bead of grease to the lead screw and wipe off excess with a tissue.  Do not apply excessive lubricant!  A thin film of lubrication is sufficient. 
4.  Raise the panel to its upright position and reapply power. 

Applying lubricant to lead screw
Lubricating grease is Hach Catalog Number/ Order Code 62044-00.  A 10 g tube of the lubricant grease s included in maintenance kit (Product #5104300) and is also available for order as a separate item. 

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