How can a back up or archived database be restored on the Titramaster 85 software?

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How can a back up or archived database be restored on the Titramaster 85 software?
Restoring a database on the TM85 software.
Supervisor access only.

With TitraMaster 85, an archived database file (.DBZ) can be restored. By this operation the archived file (.DBZ) is decompressed to give the result database (TM85.MDB file), curve files (.RAW files) and the application database (APPLI85.MDB file) if working with TitraMaster 85 Bi-directional.

Before restoring a database, TitraMaster 85 archives automatically the current database (results and applications for the Bi-directional version).
To use this database later on, archive it under a new name on a diskette or CD-ROM (for example) before restoring another file: use the File > General setup command then click the Archive button (manual archiving process).
 Proceed as follows to restore an archived database:
1. Select File > General setup.
2. Click the Database tab.

3. Click “Restore”.
4. In the Open window, select the disk (diskette, CD-ROM, network disk, hard disk) and folder where the DBZ file can be found.
5. Click Open.
6. Click Yes to confirm that you are about to replace the current database with a new one.
7. The name and destination folder are displayed in the General setup window. Click OK to close this window.
8. A message informs you that the selected database will be restored when you restart the application.
9. Quit then restart TitraMaster 85. TitraMaster 85 archives the current database (results and applications) then restores the selected database as follows: the archived file is decompressed to the All Users\Application Data\Radiometer Analytical SAS\TM85\Data folder on your hard disk (for the TM85.MDB and .RAW files) and to the TM85 folder (for the APPLI85.MDB file if working with TitraMaster 85 Bi-directional).

The new database is now in use.

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