Why is the AS950 sampler giving "missed sample" errors?

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Published Date 03/28/2018
Why is the AS950 sampler giving "missed sample" errors?
AS950 Sampler Missed Sample Error
The AS950 has a small liquid detector that is in the front of the sampler where the intake and pump tubings meet. This liquid sensor tries to make sure there is proper sample being delivered to the sample bottle. There are a few reasons why this liquid detector might trigger the "sample missing" error. The first is that the sample tube is not fully submerged in water or that the intake strainer is clogged. Another reason is that the intake tubing length is not programmed correctly because this is part of the pumping calculation. The best way to understand what is happening is to "end program" and run a "manual sample" to ensure the pump is pulling successfully. If sample is delivered to the bottle during this test then the liquid sensor could be faulty.

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