How do the TU5300 and TU5400 turbidimeters handle bubbles?

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Published Date 06/07/2018
How do the TU5300 and TU5400 turbidimeters handle bubbles?
Description of the TU5300 and TU5400 turbidimeters' bubble handling features
Process TU5 series turbidimeters are able to reduce the effect of bubbles on measurement in three ways:
  1. The TU5 series turbs contain a bubble algorithm similar to the 1720E and Ultraturb’s that is able to distinguish bubbles from turbidity readings and remove data that acts like bubbles from turbidity readings
  2. A flow regulator is shipped with the turbidimeters to be installed on the turbidimeter outlet line.  When installed, the flow regulator creates back pressure that prevents micro bubbles from entering into the sample cell to cause measurement issues.
  3. The vortex created by the angled sample inlet helps to move any bubbles that do form through the sample cell quickly.
The combination of these three features of the instruments remove the need for a bubble trap in most samples.

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