Will Hach dispose of my unused reagents or chemicals?

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Published Date 08/31/2020
Will Hach dispose of my unused reagents or chemicals?
Letter advising of Hach Company disposal policy.
Please see attached letter for additional information.

DO NOT return spent or unused reagent to Hach Company for disposal. Under current federal regulations, Hach Company cannot store, treat, or dispose of chemical wastes. Waste materials returned to Hach Company must be refused. If a package containing waste materials is unfit to return to the transportation system, you will be contacted to arrange for remedial action. Failure to comply could result in substantial costs to your facility.
If you wish to contact a commercial hazardous waste disposal facility, the NTIS maintains a list of these facilities. To place an order to purchase the list, you may call or write the NTIS for publication #PB 88-109699, entitled Directory of Commercial Hazardous Waste Management Facilities.

U. S. Department of Commerce
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161

(703) 605-6000

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