TL23 Series Turbidimeter Press Release

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Published Date 01/25/2018
TL23 Series Turbidimeter Press Release
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PRESS RELEASE                                                        
June 2016
Alan Mortensen
Hach Lange
+45 2948 7033

Hach has simplified turbidity measurement for high turbidity applications
Hach ( has released a new benchtop turbidimeter for high turbidity applications. The new TL23 Series benchtop turbidimeters are available in four different models for EPA and ISO methods and can measure up to 10,000 NTU.
The new TL23 Series laboratory turbidimeters feature the verified and trusted technology of Hach’s 2100 series turbidimeters and improved functionality to simplify testing. These features include a color touch screen, a USB port for data transfer, self-diagnostics for quality assurance, and single point calibration for measurements under 40NTU/FNU.
“The improvement our customers love most is the new full color touch screen,” Mira Kovacheva, Global Product Manager, said. “We have created a large, full color display which makes it easier to use and to check readings. We have ensured the menu structure is easy to follow, so testing is simple.”
In addition to a simple design and set-up, the optical system is designed for greater accuracy, calibration stability and the ability to measure colored samples.  The TL23 Series turbidimeters use single point calibration for measurements under 40NTU/FNU, which reduces time needed to calibrate the device. 
Visit for more information on the TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeters including order information.
About Hach
Hach is a leader in the field of water analysis, providing technology for use in the field, in processes or in the laboratory, supported by local service and applications support. Hach provides customized solutions for reliable monitoring of wastewater, drinking water, and process water as well as systems for process optimization.
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