Why is direct sunlight to the LDO sensor cap harmful?

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Published Date 10/18/2019
Why is direct sunlight to the LDO sensor cap harmful?
The effects of direct sunlight to the LDO sensor cap.
Direct sunlight can cause degradation. The black polystyrene coating on the Hach LDO sensor protects the sensor from sunlight. Research has shown that with the polystyrene layer, the sensor could withstand a simulated year of direct exposure to sun. As long as the cap is on the Hach LDO probe, there are no issues with degradation. There also are no issues with degradation of the inside of the sensor cap during maintenance or cap changes (the interior of the cap would need to be exposed for over two hours for degradation to occur). The only reason to remove the cap is when replacing it with a new cap, in which case the sun exposure time for the inside of the cap is minimal.

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