After a flow cell leak how should the Lachat detector be cleaned?

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Published Date 02/13/2018
After a flow cell leak how should the Lachat detector be cleaned?
Instructions for cleaning Lachat detector

Remove the detector from the instrument. Do not turn the detector over (the electronics are near the top - this will prevent liquid from damaging the electronics). 

To remove the detector, unplug the communication cable and remove the fiber optic cables. The fiber optic cables are held in place by Allen screws that are perpendicular to the fiber optic cable ends. These need to be loosened to remove the cables. The QC8500 accessory kit includes the required wrench.

Once the detector is removed from the instrument clean the filter slot and then the flow cell opening with cotton swabs and isopropanol. Lastly, clean the holes that the fiber optic cables were plugged into. Take care not to insert the swab too far into the cable holes as this can damage the circuit board. If needed, the cables can also be cleaned with a wipe and water or alcohol.

Make sure to resolve the leaking flow cell prior to installing into the cleaned detector.   


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