Is there a stand for the 2200 PCX Particle Counter?

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Published Date 03/06/2019
Is there a stand for the 2200 PCX Particle Counter?
The Versa Stand is designed to provide adaptable mounting for a variety of Hach instruments including the 2200 PCX Particle Counter.
Please refer to the attached document. The following instruments are easily mounted on the VersaStand:

• Turbidimeters, including the 1720D, 1720D/L, and FilterTrak™ 660

• OptiQuant™ Interface Modules (including the Sludge Level Monitor)

• 2200 PCX Particle Counter

• CL17 Chlorine Analyzer

• SP510 Hardness Monitor

• EC310 pH Controller

• AquaTrend® family of instruments including the AquaTrend Interface, Signal Output Module (SOM), Signal Input Module (SIM), PS1201 and PS2401 Power Supplies, Digital
Display Module (DDM) and the Junction Box.

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