How can the Data Log be downloaded from the HQd meter directly to a PC?

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Published Date 12/20/2021
How can the Data Log be downloaded from the HQd meter directly to a PC?
Instructions for downloading the datalog straight from HQd meter to PC

1.  Install the HQd Data Transfer Utility software. Restart the computer after installing the software, 
2.  Connect all the cables for the data transfer before turning on the HQd.  This includes the power cable, the USB adapter, and the USB cable that links the adapter to your PC.
3.  Turn on the HQd meter.
4.  Ensure that the meter is set to Mass storage mode. This is under the wrench key, select instrument information, then USB Device type.  
5.  Make sure the computer recognizes the meter. The easiest way to verify this is by checking in  "My Computer"  or checking that the HQd meter is discovered as a device with removable storage. 
6.  Open the software on your computer. This must be run as an administrator. 
7.  Click the green arrow in the software toolbar.
8.  Press the "Data Log" button on the HQ40d.
9.  Down Arrow to the "Send Data Log" option.
10.  Choose "Select"
11.  "Sending Data..." message should display on the HQ40d, and the data should show up on the PC in the software window.
12.  Save the file on the computer by clicking the disk icon or select File>Save As.
13.  When done, make sure to safely eject the USB device from the computer. 

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