What type of applications could damage an ISFET probe?

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Published Date 06/19/2019
What type of applications could damage an ISFET probe?
Applications that can damage an ISFET probe
ISFET probes contain epoxy materials in the tip and should not be used in any applications involving acetone, toluene, methylene chloride, xylene or other strong organic solvents. Avoid environments with static electricity as Electrostatic discharge can damage the probe. Avoid temperatures above 60C. Thermocycling can decrease the lifespan of the probe. Do not let oils, fats, food particles, starch, protein or other materials stay on the probe after use. For proteins, it is advised to clean the probe with a pepsin solution (C20C370). Do not use the probe in applications involving hydrofluoric acid or abrasive samples that can damage the silicon chip sensor. Be careful never to scratch the silicon chip.

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