What pre‐programmed methods are available for the ISEF121 and when should they be used?

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Published Date 07/19/2018
What pre‐programmed methods are available for the ISEF121 and when should they be used?
Pre-programed Fluoride ISE methods
Methods are groups of factory‐set or user‐defined settings relevant to specific applications. One significant benefit of the digital probe platform is the option for pre‐programmed methods optimized for a specific application. The IntelliCAL ISEF121 Fluoride ISE contains two pre‐programmed methods that were designed for fluoride determination in specific applications: drinking water and pure water.

The differences in these methods are in the optimization of the meter & probe settings for the typical sample type in these applications. The table attached summarizes the methods’ configurations.
Stabilization criteria: lower values for the stability criteria will require longer stabilization times, but the measurement will be more precise.

Slope limit: the slope must fall within set limits for successful calibration. In low‐level measurements where non‐linear behavior may occur, it may be advantageous to widen the acceptable slope limit as the range of measurement is much narrower and a tight specification for the slope limit could fail an otherwise good measurement.

Users do not need to use these methods when measuring in these applications, however, it is recommended as the settings are optimized for quicker, more accurate results.

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