Can non-Hach ISAs be used with Hach IntelliCAL™ ISEs?

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Published Date 07/17/2018
Can non-Hach ISAs be used with Hach IntelliCAL™ ISEs?
Using non-Hach ISA
The composition of the sensor materials used in Hach IntelliCAL™ ISEs are similar or equivalent to those used in the vast majority of ISEs used in industry. Because they do not differ significantly in material composition, the Hach sensors should work with other vendors’ ISAs. However, different vendors’ ISAs vary in composition and may not suppress interfering ions and/or control the pH value in the same way as the Hach ISAs. Hach has not conducted sufficient tests to validate this or recommend it to users. Users should be advised that Hach can’t guarantee analytical performance or equivalent interference mitigation if using non‐Hach ISAs. Also, the warranty may be voided if users apply
ISAs to solution that are harmful to the probe.

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