How is a software upgrade performed on an HQd meter?

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Published Date 06/14/2022
How is a software upgrade performed on an HQd meter?
HQd meter software upgrade
The below instructions have been developed to assist users experiencing software conflict / connection issues between older HQd instruments and newer probes.

These errors generally express as:
  • Probe Not Supported
  • Connect a Probe
  • Probe Requires Service
To update the firmware on your HQd meter you will require the following:
  1. PC with internet access
  2. USB Memory Drive (2GB or less / USB2.0 only)*
  3. #5826300 USB Power Adapter Kit (for HQd series meters)
*Note: A larger capacity USB memory stick can be used (8GB maximum) however larger USB memory sticks significantly increase the time until update completion, even when most of the USB memory stick is empty.
First download the software and transfer the files to a USB drive using the following instructions.
  1. Download the HQD Series Meter Software Update.
  2. Save the 'Update Meter' zip file on your computer.
  3. Erase any existing files from the USB flash memory stick.
  4. Extract all the files from the ZIP folder "" to your computer.
  5. Double click to open the "" folder.
    • You should see 6 folders in the zip file.
    • These folders are "Application", "Config", "filecmd", "Language", "ProbeApp", "Probedef".
  6. Copy or "click and drag" all 6 folders to an EMPTY USB flash drive (The smaller the flash drive the better - 2GB is preferable).
  7. Once the 6 files are transferred to the flash drive, safely eject the USB from your computer.
The Update files are now on the USB upgrade drive.

Proceed with updating the meter with the software on the USB upgrade drive with the instructions below:

  1. Make sure the meter is turned off.
  2. Disconnect any probes from the meter.
  3. Connect the USB/DC power adapter to the meter and to the AC-DC power supply. Connect the AC-DC power supply to the power cord.
  4. Insert the USB upgrade drive into the flash upgrade port on the USB/DC power adapter
  5. Plug the AC power cord into an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on the meter.
    • The software upgrade will automatically begin.
    • The meter will display “Updating to HQd_xx.mot”
    • After a short interval, the display will change to “Updating files, please wait...”
    • The meter will display a rotating flask & emit a periodic audio signal during the update process. This is normal.
    • Wait for the meter to beep (approximately 15 seconds).
    • When the update is complete, the message “Update complete. Remove USB device” will be shown.
  7. Remove the USB memory stick.
  8. The HQd meter will power off.
  9. Turn on the HQd handset.
  10. The updated software version should be now be displayed on your start up screen (when no probes are connected).
Note: The software version is displayed when there are no probes connected to the meter. The software version can also be displayed by pressing OPTIONS and selecting Meter Information.

If the meter does not recognize the software in step 5, please try a different brand or size of USB flash drive.

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