What power options are available for the PhotonMaster™?

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Published Date 03/25/2020
What power options are available for the PhotonMaster™?
Power options for the PhotonMaster™.
The PhotonMaster™ is powered via USB connection to a laptop, computer, mobile device such as a tablet,  or the Portable Bluetooth Module®; AC line power and battery power are not available.

The Portable Bluetooth Module® has a USB port with a 2600 mAh Lithium-Ion (1500 readings on full charge) battery and will allow the PhotonMaster™ to be used in the field without a computer.

A USB cable will be supplied with the instrument. Power cords and adapters are not included.

The instrument should never be powered from any USB port other than a laptop, computer, or the mobile devices described above as this could cause severe damage to the unit and void the warranty. 

The instruments can be powered by USB charging devices such as those provided with Apple products. However, these units will not allow for operation of the unit and as a result, are not recommended.


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