How long does the QBD1200 TOC analyzer UV lamp last?

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Published Date 07/03/2018
How long does the QBD1200 TOC analyzer UV lamp last?
QBD1200 analyzer and lamp life.
The UV lamp will typically last >12 months, supporting an annual service and calibration interval, on the TOC analyzer. The UV lamp health is essential to the TOC analysis. The UV lamp is only turned on during the oxidation section of each water sample TOC analysis. The analyzer tests the UV lamp functionality on power up, and this check can be initiated at any time by the user using the diagnostics menu. In addition, the unit monitors the intensity of the UV light emitted every time it is switched on. If at any time the unit detects that the UV intensity is not strong enough, or that the UV lamp has failed to turn on when instructed to do so, then the unit stops trying to analyze the water samples and sets an alarm notification on the front screen.

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