How do I clean my 2200PCX?

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Published Date 01/26/2018
How do I clean my 2200PCX?
2200PCX cleaning instructions.  

Please see the below information for steps to clean the 2200PCX:
Remove the sample line quick-disconnect fitting at the inlet port (bottom) of the NEMA enclosure. Leave the quick-disconnect connected at the top.

2. Insert the cleaning brush up through the bottom flow path as shown in Figure 18. Use a gentle laboratory cleaning solution to enhance the cleaning and lubricate the brush/cell. Gently insert the brush and twirl it as it is being inserted into the bottom fitting. It will bottom out to a stop. Repeat several times, then reconnect the inlet flow connector to flush the cell.

3. Observe the Calibration Fail indicator. The indicator should go off within a few seconds.

4. If the Calibration Fail indicator remains on, perform the stain cleaning procedure below:

  • For microbiological (green) growths, flush cell with 30 to 50 mL isopropyl alcohol, and then flush cell with water.
  • For red mineral deposits (iron, etc.), flush cell with an iron reducing agent Like RoVer®, and then flush cell with water.
  • For calcium (white) deposits, flush cell with vinegar or phosphoric acid, and then flush cell with water
  • For purple or black stains (manganese, etc.), flush with a solution of 1/3 water, 1/3 vinegar, and 1/3 hydrogen peroxide (3% strength), and then flush cell with water.
A cleaning kit with brush and cleaning solution is available (Product # 204839-6). Individual brushes are Product # 2081699GP.

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