How should the CL17 be shut down for short periods of time- one week or less?

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Published Date 02/28/2020
How should the CL17 be shut down for short periods of time- one week or less?
Cl17 and shutdown procedure
In the 'MAINT' menu, place the instrument into a clean cycle and allow it to flush out the colorimeter. When the display flashes 'CLEAN' turn off power.

An alternative method would be to shut off power and then use a squirt bottle filled with water to flush out the colorimeter (100 mls of water through the top port).

If you shut off flow but do not shut off power, the pump will continue to pump reagents into the colorimeter. As the reagents mix and come into contact with the air, they will begin to turn black. Over time they will stain the inside of the colorimeter. If this occurs, you may have to do an extended cleaning with 19.2N Sulfuric acid before starting the analyzer back up. Put a dropperful of acid in the colorimeter and let sit for 45 minutes, then scrub the colorimeter thoroughly with cotton swabs. Excessive staining could lead to early replacement of the colorimeter.

The reagents are designed to be used within one month of opening and mixing. If you shut down for an extended period of time, you will still need to replace the reagents when they reach the end of that one month period, regardless of how much reagents are left in the bottle. DO NOT use old reagents to “top off” bottles of new reagents. Properly dispose of any remaining liquid.

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