How do you troubleshoot a 2200PCX with no communication with PC?

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How do you troubleshoot a 2200PCX with no communication with PC?
2200PCX and no communication with PC Vista
Questions to ask:
1. Did you have a lightning strike or any other major electrical event?
2. Do you have other sensors on the network and do they communicate?
3. Have you used the SSU program to scan the network and does it find the PCX?
4. Have you cycled power on the PCX and re scanned it with the SSU program?
5. Have you verified that the RS485 wiring and connectors are wired and seated correctly?

Possible Problem:
1. Communication Chips may be blown in the event of lightning or power surge.
2. If entire network will not communicate, RS485 converter or computer com port may be bad.
3. If SSU finds the PCX and VISTA won't, the PCX may be disabled in the Vista location setup screen.
4. The PCX may be locked up and need the power cycled to reset.
5. RS485 may be wired backwards in the PCX or connectors not seated tightly.
6. If the PCX is recognized by SSU as location 33, it has been defaulted and will need to be completely reprogrammed both high level and low level.

Solutions to try:
1. Connect directly to the PCX with RS232 programming kit cable, disconnect from RS485 network, cycle power, and scan with SSU program.
2. If the PCX in question is the last one in the network daisy chain, make sure that jp1 on the interconnect card is shorted.
3. Make sure the PCX in question is enabled in the Vista location setup screen.
4. Unplug all PCXs on the network except the one in question, cycle power, and re-scan with SSU program.
5. Check all wiring and connectors.

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