How do I program the sc200 for air blast operation?

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Published Date 06/18/2019
How do I program the sc200 for air blast operation?
sc200 controller and air blast setup
When programming the sc200 relays for air blast, the compressor will be wired through the common (COM) and normally open (NO) terminals of the desired relay (A, B, C, D).

The relay setup is as follows:
  • Menu > sc200 Setup > Relay Setup > (Select the desired relay A,B,C,D) > Select Source > sc200
  • Activation > Set Outmode, Hold = Hold Last Output, Transfer = Send Defined Transfer Value (done in Output Setup) Hold is usually selected here >
  • Run Days = Which days this relay will be active, usually All Days
  • Start Time, When will the program start.
  • Interval, How often the relay will be activated in minutes, 60 minutes would be once every hour.
  • Duration, How long the relay/air blast will be 'on' in seconds, usually set to 10-15 seconds.
  • Off Delay = How long the output will be held after turning the relay off.

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