What is the proper way to clean the miniLab or ISFET probe?

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What is the proper way to clean the miniLab or ISFET probe?
How to clean a miniLab or other ISFET probe.
Biomedical applications (blood, plasma, urine, etc.) as well as meats and dairy applications contain both proteins and lipids. Not cleaning ISFET probes properly and regularly can result in errors that could be misunderstood as instrument failures. Clean the probe more regularly in these applications. Best practices for a sample containing lipids is to clean the ISFET sensor daily with a warm detergent solution (Liqui-Nox or Alconox) and a soft bristle tooth brush. Best practices for a sample that contains proteins is to soak the probe in the protein cleaning solution (Product # C20C370) for 15-30mins weekly. Best practices for an application that does not contain proteins or lipids is to clean weekly follow directions using the detergent cleaning above.

Visit the Hach Sensor Maintenance Page for a complete listing of cleaning and maintenance solutions.

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