How are results reported for LuminUltra tests?

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How are results reported for LuminUltra tests?
Reporting LuminUltra results
Every time Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) assays are performed, the generated Relative Light Unit (RLU) values are standardized according to a known concentration of ATP (the UltraCheck™1 standard has a concentration of 1ng/mL ATP). RLU values are then converted to a concentration and reported as pg/mL ATP for all tests, with the exception of the Wastewater (QG21W™) method which reports the results in ng/mL ATP (due to the significantly higher biomass concentrations).

The revolutionary software platform, LuminUltra Cloud™, performs all required calculations and displays the calculated outputs for the user. Furthermore, it provides information on interpreting the results, as well as guidelines for treatment based on pre-set alarm values for most of LuminUltra's test kits.

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