Why does the HQd meter display "O2 Sensor 0 days remaining"?

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Published Date 07/26/2018
Why does the HQd meter display "O2 Sensor 0 days remaining"?
HQd meter with LDO101/LBOD101 "O2 sensor 0 days remaining"
When an LDO101 or LBOD101 probe is connected to an HQd meter for the first time, the sensor cap and iButton are "time stamped" with the date and time that is currently programmed on that HQd meter. From then on the probe counts down 365 days (1 year) and "O2 sensor 0 days remaining" will appear on the meter once 365 days has passed. It will also display CAL icon ? in the upper left corner regardless of slope or how long ago the probe was last calibrated.

This simply serves as a reminder that the sensor cap should be replaced. It will appear prior to 0 days being reached as a notification that a replacement cap should be ordered. This is considered to be a requirement. Results obtained with an expired sensor cap cannot be guaranteed.

If the sensor cap and i-Button have recently been replaced follow these steps to resolve the zero days remaining message.

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