Does Hach have a test for potassium permanganate?

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Published Date 08/26/2020
Does Hach have a test for potassium permanganate?
Testing for potassium permanganate
Hach does not have a direct method for potassium permanganate. However Hach method 8034, the Periodate Oxidation Method for Manganese, can be adapted to measure permanganate. To adapt this method for permanganate, do not add the Sodium Periodate Powerder Pillows for Manganese, 10 mL, pk/100 Product # 2107769. Add the Citrate Buffer Power Pillows for Manganese, 10 mL, pk/100 Product # 2107669 as usual. The reaction time is not necessary. It is important to zero on deionized water and not the sample for this method modification. It is also recommended to use the same sample cell for both the blank and sample measurement.

Multiply the manganese results by 2.16 to get results as permanganate (MnO 4), by 2.88 for results as potassium permanganate (KMnO 4), or select the MnO 4 or KMnO 4 form display on the instrument.

This is not a highly sensitive test and may not measure below 1.5 - 2 mg/L KMnO 4 accurately.


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