What are SpecCheck Standards and how are they used?

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Published Date 09/16/2020
What are SpecCheck Standards and how are they used?
What is a SpecCheck standard?
SpecCheck Standards are colored gel standards designed to check instrument response on Hach colorimeters and spectrophotometers. They provide a quick and simple way to verify that the instrument response has not changed.SpecCheck Standards consist of one blank and 3 colored standards in round 10-mL sample cells, each set corresponding to a Hach test method such as the DPD chlorine test. Zero the instrument with the blank SpecCheck Cell, and record the concentration of each of the 3 colored standards. Then measure the concentrations periodically to check for any significant changes over time.

SpecCheck Standards are secondary standards and cannot be used for calibrating a spectrophotometer or colorimeter. They can be used only to check instrument performance; they cannot indicate whether reagents are working properly or whether the operator is performing the test correctly.

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