Is there a method for condensed phosphates?

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Is there a method for condensed phosphates?
Method for condensed phosphates
Condensed phosphates (also called meta, pyro, or polyphosphates) are two or more orthophosphate groups that are linked together. They are strong complexing agents and are widely used in treatment systems for boiler water and are also found in many detergents. To measure condensed phosphates, the sample must be analyzed for acid hydrolyzable phosphorus and also orthophosphate:
condensed phosphates = acid hydrolyzable phosphorus - orthophosphate

Acid hydrolyzable phosphorus can be determined using Hach Method 8180 or Hach TNT Method 8180
Orthophosphate (reactive phosphorus) can be determined using Hach Method 8048 or Hach TNT Method 8048

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