Can sulfide interfere with Copper methods?

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Published Date 10/02/2018
Can sulfide interfere with Copper methods?
Sulfide interference in copper measurement
Sulfide can interfere, but the concentration of sulfide is not documented. To treat this interference perform a digestion or follow the sulfide pretreatment steps explained below:

Measure 25mL of sample into a 50mL beaker. Swirling constantly, add Bromine Water, 30 g/L, 29 mL (Product # 221120) drop-wise until a yellow color remains. Swirling constantly, add Phenol Solution, 30 g/L, 29 mL (Product # 211220) drop-wise just until the yellow color disappears (more than likely, only one drop will be needed). Use the test procedure to measure the concentration of the treated sample.

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