How does the Ascorbic Acid test kit ASC-1 work?

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How does the Ascorbic Acid test kit ASC-1 work?
Ascorbic acid kit ASC-1 chemistry
The Ascorbic Acid Test Kit, Model ASC-1 (Product # 2308100) test kit measures reducing agents in general and the chemical reactions are similar to those for sulfite titrations. This test kit was designed to measure ascorbic acid in beverages. The basic steps are as follows:

-Sulfuric acid is added to acidify the sample, and a starch solution is added as an indicator.
-When the titrant, a potassium iodide-iodate solution, is added to the acidified sample, iodine is released.
-The iodine reacts with ascorbic acid in the sample.
-When all the ascorbic acid has reacted with the iodine, excess iodine reacts with the starch indicator and forms a blue color

The amount of titrant needed to reach the blue endpoint is directly proportional to the amount of ascorbic acid in the sample.

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